Tuesday, 27 August 2013


In this industry you have to develop a thick skin. Don't let your guard down. Never trust anyone. Remember that saying, 'As tough as old boots'.....

Let's consider one old boot in particular. It has been thrown away onto a wet slush pile with seams torn apart - a worn out 'soul'. If I add the fact that it's got leathery skin, which is flopping all over the place, perhaps I've given you a clue as to how I'm feeling right now? Yes folks - I am that discarded boot!

In my attempt to focus on a specific genre, I've unwittingly taken a different path to both agents who were involved with my first novel. The time has come to look for representation again. Yet another trial for the unpublished author and one that is apparently all too familiar in this business.

In one of my recent tweets, I asked if I could borrow Jane Harris' crampons after she had confronted her 'story book mountain'. She's in no need for them any more, but I'm clinging onto that mountain, teetering over the edge, dangerously close to a slippery slope. Enough of the metaphors. Cut the crap! I need a crime/thriller agent. Will somebody save me?

Undeterred, I continue to work on the second novel with more determination than ever. I've added more twists and turns to the first draft and deleted waffle (admittedly, there was a lot). This one categorically fits into a specific genre, so I'm leaving base camp to trawl through the final editing stage. Onwards and upwards with crampons at the ready. Wish this old boot a bit of luck....

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