Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Criminal Profiling: Fictional and Non-Original Fiction..........

There are quite a few people I’ve had the displeasure of meeting in my life: people who lack empathy and integrity – nasty, selfish beings who, quite frankly, deserve to be dead.

Someone else might have killed these creatures a long time ago, but not me. Luckily for them, something stops me from doing this deadly deed. I’ll curse and I’ll plot revenge, but I stop at murder. Why? It’s because I’m made of something different. I’m not predisposed to extreme violence. I don’t have murder’s genetics. I didn’t have a disruptive childhood that ignited some deadly genetic make-up. I’ve never received a head injury that caused specific brain damage, which in theory might have led to a change in personality. I don’t have low levels of serotonin or high levels of testosterone.

Those of you who have done the dirty on me should be grateful that I don’t possess murderer’s attributes. However, be warned! I am a cool, calm, calculated crime writer who takes her time plotting comeuppance.

I’m fascinated by forensics and profiling. I enjoy building suspense and creating atmosphere. Without drive, passion and ‘weird twats’ in my life, I wouldn’t feel quite so compelled to write – especially in first person! Without you, I’d have given up writing a long time ago and I’d have run out of ideas. I do feel sorry for those sad cases who steal work from aspiring authors. You are not ‘real’ writers, but great big imposters?  It’s about time you considered another day job.....

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