Friday, 10 May 2013

The Final Furlong - Novel Two

10th May, 2013


I’m distracted again, this time not by horoscopes but a trail of splashes on the wall. I’ve deduced it is tomato pasta sauce, last eaten by my children, a day ago. It’s not coming off with water. In fact, my effort to wipe it clean has only gone and made it look worse. I’ll have to go over it with a lick of paint, as if I’ve not got enough to do.  Perhaps, I should investigate the case further. I’ll interview my kids individually, determine the truth and make the culprit do the painting. I’m getting visions of emulsion dollops on the floor and little white foot print trails from the kitchen to the lounge, all over the carpet. Second thoughts! 


I’d do it myself, but I am past the halfway mark on my second book. I really should be writing. The whiteboard is now a series of block headings, detailing my character’s activities during every month in the last year. It’s allowed me to figure out how they each fit into the denouement. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I must focus.


Our whining cat has just jumped on my lap and is padding for attention. I’ve read somewhere that they can live for days without food, so why is he so persistent? The claws are digging in, clicking at my Levis. Enough is enough. He’s heading north, straight out the door. I note various little gravelly stones on the floor, together with food crumbs and blobs of that bloody tomato sauce, but I will ignore it all. There’s a rotten cabbage smell coming from the overloaded kitchen bin, so I open a window and let in some fresh air. I’ve also decided to leave the clothes on our washing line, even though an overnight frost is forecast. Each item will stiffen to a board, but at some stage the sun will come out and defrost everything. It’s almost five. The kids can make their own tea – they only splash it over the walls instead of eating it, so it won’t matter if it tastes crap. Mummy is on roll – don’t stop me now......


I’m going to finish Ghost Towns. However, before I sign off I must make an important announcement. At no time whatsoever during the writing of this blog were any animals or children injured in anyway. Cheerio! I’m heading for the final furlong, just another few chapters to go. Don’t anyone disturb my concentration. I get the feeling I’m going to be writing all through the night. I hope it’s worth it. What if no one wants to publish the second book? What then? I wonder what my horoscope has to say for tomorrow........

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