Friday, 17 May 2013

The Killing Spree...

Friday 17th May, 2013


I’ve killed so many lovely characters in the past seven days from little old ladies to numerous teens. I think it’s time my protagonist and I had a break from it all. She’s laid out several bodies and gone to far too many funerals. If only this had been a fairy tale, then I would have created a happily-ever-after. God knows she deserves some peace after starring in this book! I’m dying for my Friday night curry, and the obligatory bottle of wine is sure to settle my nerves. A celebration is in order now that I’ve completed the first draft. My killing spree is over.


However, I am a glutton for punishment. While flicking through this year’s Arvon programme, an event in Moniack Mhor (July 22) caught my eye. The rather aptly titled, ‘Killing People for Pleasure and Profit,’ will be led by the multi award winning author, Val McDermid. This week-long course will also investigate commercial considerations relating to selling crime. I’ve realised first hand that a crime novel will not be published if it wavers from that genre. So after working on my second novel for six months solid, I hope I’ve come up with the goods this time. Surely, all this death, blood and gore will appeal to the crime editors who rejected my last submission.


I’m thrilled to have reached my favourite element of the novel writing process. I look forward to taking my time editing the first draft of Ghost Towns. Firstly, I’ll double check the denouement. Perhaps, I’ll add extra snippets of information, but I need to be on the ball and not give too many clues away. Thank heaven for cut & paste and ctrl+f. The heart wrenching part in this stage of writing comes when there's a need to delete good work, because it is no longer relevant. Therefore, I’ll need to be prepared to make ruthless, but necessary decisions. Before I settle down for the night I’m off to kill a few ‘babies’. Someone’s got to do it. There’s no time to lose....

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