Sunday, 2 June 2013


2nd June, 2013


Last week, I found a five leaf clover. Then, the very next day I came across a four leaf one. Thinking my luck was in I got a lucky dip on Wednesday, which came to nothing. I coppered up another pound and bought a ticket for the Saturday lottery only to get two matching numbers. My lucky clovers couldn’t even win me a tenner! I’ve tried not to get too disheartened. Maybe my luck will come in a different form?


I managed to manoeuvre around the growing numbers of people on their hands and knees looking for lucky clover on our lawn to go inside and check my emails. All sorts of news could be heading my way: maybe my first book has been sold or I’ve won the Northern Writers Award? This monetary award would allow me to go on courses, pay for workshops and continue writing until I get published. And of course the acclaim would enable me to finally hold my head up I’m not published yet, but I’ve just won an award....No such luck! I have got more chance of winning the lottery.


All is not lost. I can still pin my hopes on the second book. After all, I have finished the denouement for Ghost Towns and it is pretty good. I’ll read through the draft and send it off to my agent. If she doesn’t like it I’m chucking those lucky charms into the compost heap or feeding them to the guinea pigs...


Before I sign off, I should congratulate the winners of the Northern Writers Award. I have to admit I’m very jealous. This is a great scheme, run by lovely people who seem to organise some fantastic conferences and loads of parties. [].


Maybe some day I’ll be invited to a bit of a do, anything to get me away from this laptop. In the meantime, I remain an unpublished, un-awarded, poverty stricken, would-be author, but I’ll get there one day. I’m heading out now, walking under every ladder that happens to get in my way, making damned sure I step on all the cracks in the pavements and straining my fingers so wide apart that they can’t cross. Maybe, sheer determination is all I need to bring me luck in the end....?




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